Nipple Play

Nipple Play



    BUBBLES regular size liquid silicone nipsuckers 2-pack Learn More
  2. Elong


    Hünkyjunk puts design in every toy; ELONG nip-suckers work...and look so cool. They are slightly curved but not tapered--these will suck any size nips and are deep enough and big enough to fit small to medium piercings.

    These suckers stay on, the base flares out for more contact with skin--even furry chests.

    What gives these powerful suction are the four springy rings that make the nipple-tube pull open without collapsing like old snakebite suckers--we made the walls thinner to allow for more pump, larger sucked nips.
    Learn More


    Pair of nipple suckers with industrial detailing and topped with handles. Learn More
  4. HOGNIPS-2


    HOGNIPS-2 are designed for pierced, pumped or really big nips, we made these huge suckers out of platinum silicone hand-poured mix of red and black for a super sexy look—these work because they are the right firmness with a wide lip that seals for the right amount of suck. Learn More

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