1. 360


    360 is the new two in one cockring and ballsling from OXBALLS. 360 grips like a super-soft cockring and the thick, fleshy base rests under your package for a bigger, more pronounced bulge. The underside opening doubles as a sling to push your balls down and away from your body for a stretching sensation. Learn More
  2. Ballsling


    Stretchy, soft sling with ball-splitting strap. Learn More
  3. Clutch


    We invented the first c-sling 8 years ago; every year we make new versions with a different fit and more features. We wanted our Hünkyjunk c-sling to fit the Hüj style ideals: CLUTCH is pure hünkyjunk.

    It has thicker walls for more support, the super-soft material grips all the way around: more "push it up and out"-most importantly, a bigger bulge!

    CLUTCH has more cushion surrounds in rubbery thick support, the best feature is padding around the base of the shaft that plumps you up, it's got a "donut" of silicone blend around the ballsack that feels really good.

    CLUTCH feels great, put it on and be Hüj!
    Learn More


    COCKSLING-2 is our one of a kind, best-selling FLEXtpr sling. Its futuristic design is lightweight and rubbery but grips and pushes your junk up and out for a bigger, harder bulge. The unique shape combines the erection enhancing elements of a cockring and tugging sensation of a ballstretcher. Learn More
  5. Nutter


    Wrap your sack with NUTTER, the thick, rubbery ballsack sling from OXBALLS. It's made from our signature FLEXtpr so it grips and melds to your junk like a second skin. The built-in sling keeps NUTTER snug in place and gives you a bigger, longer lasting hard-on. The base has two "drain-hole" openings that double as holders for electro contact points. Learn More
  6. Oxsling


    Fleshy, soft sling made from new silicone/TPR hybrid, PLUS+SILICONE. Learn More


    Limited edition cocksling with an extended ballstretcher base. Learn More
  8. Powersling - MARKETING

    Powersling - MARKETING

    Limited edition cocksling with an extended ballstretcher base. Learn More
  9. Sacksling-2


    SACKSLING-2 is stronger, softer and has even more stretch than the original. This redesigned sack grips the base of your junk with a built-in sling and fits your balls like a thick, squishy glove. Slick up the inside and the slippery, squishy sack rubbing your nuts feels amazing. SACKSLING-2 is often worn with latex, leather, or under tight gear for a bigger, beefier package. Learn More
  10. Slingshot


    Ergonomic sling with teardrop-shape design. Learn More

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