• Color:
  • Clear


  • Piss-plug is made from machined aircraft aluminum
  • Clear tubing lets you watch liquids flow
  • Unique addition for creative watersports or bondage scenes
  • Must-have for guys into watersports or sounding
  • Compatible with COCK-LOCK, CHOMP gag, and aluminum buttplugs


PISSHOSE is a machined aircraft aluminum sound insert attached to clear tubing. It's designed to fit onto our hollow aluminum buttplugs, CHOMP gag, and PISS-LOCK. The soft clear tubing is pliable and lets you watch your stream flow. The aluminum insert functions like a hollow sound for a unique sensation during watersports play.


PISSHOSE is a piss-plug attached to clear tubing for a whole new way to get piggy.

Plug the slim machined aircraft aluminum plug in your pisshole, run the tube to your mouth or butt-hole, your buddy's mouth or hole, or just use the flexible hose to direct the spray all over you or your lucky piss-pig.

This toy is excellent for bondage and control play, sleep sacks, cling-wrap scenes, controlling your boy's piss and cum, etc...

You even have the option of adding a smooth hollow aluminum buttplug to the end of PISSHOSE...now, you can plug a piggy hole then flush it full of a steamy bladder's worth...oink!

Or add our Pure Platinum Silicone CHOMP gag...you can stuff your boy's mouth while forcing him to take your piss or his own...

As you can tell, we dig piss play at OXBALLS and do our best to design new innovative toys for it.

The soft hose is clear so you can see your stream as it trickles down. The hose is 3' long and the plug end is slimmer than most of our piss-plugs...great for newbies or guys curious about stuffing their piss-slit.

Size/Dimensions and Weight:

Length: 1.75"

Length: 3'
Circumference: 1"
Made in USA

Material and Care Instructions:

Original design copyright OXBALLS
Pure Platinum Silicone 100% Silicone, non-toxic, phthalate free.
LUBE SAFE: Water-base, Hybrid, Oil base. Silicone not recommended.
CARE: Wash after use in warm soapy water, Dishwasher safe. Store toys separately: we recommend breathable cloth pouches or cotton socks.
Item No:


Aluminum sound attached to tubing with customizable options.