Meatlocker Electro

Colors: Clear Ice
Item# OX-3049-ELEC
UPC: 840215120663
Case Count: 5
  • Chastity plus 2 electro contacts—shocking fun!
  • Ultimate chastity, surrounds dick and balls like a glove
  • Easy to wear chastity stretches to fit—no straps, no small parts
  • PLUS+SILICONE™ is our softest TPR/Silicone blend—slick, velvet smooth and strong
  • Vent holes under balls and at tip for longer wear
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MEATLOCKER ELECTRO is a shocking version of our super-stretchy chastity toy MEATLOCKER. It’s the same Oxballs big, hard-core chastity device, it wraps your dick and ballsack in super-stretchy rubbery PLUS+SILICONE™, with added shock value: We include 2 machined electro contacts that fit in openings under each ball—the contact slide on their shaft to fit any guys sack while wrapped in our rubbery ball cover.

The adjustable electro contacts connect to 4mm electrode wires and most any Tens unit or electro control box.

MEATLOCKER is Oxballs first “glove” type stretchy chastity gear, lightly lube it with water-base lube and slide in. Water-base lube gives the best electro contact and makes this dickglove easy to put on + comfortable for long-term wear. MEATLOCKER has the feel of warm silicone, the strength and stretch of TPR and the look of a double pierced dick and balls…and now it has a shocking new use!

MEATLOCKER looks hard-core with “pierced” balls and the dickhead, plus a big fleshy sack and smooth anonymous looking shaft…but because it is rubbery and stretchy, under clothes it’s just gonna give you a bigger bulge—no one knows unless you want them to.

Drain holes under the balls for sweat and at the dickhead for…leaking, dripping dicks, (or a quick whiz).
Includes two 4mm, electrodes that adjust under both balls. Made of rubbery stretchy soft TPR+SILICONE blend that’s slick and squishy. It wraps you like a glove. Drain hole at the head Oxballs loves chastity play--for a few hours or a longer haul…we love dedicated butt-boys that cover their junk because it’s sexy, it shows your focus…we love couples that demand chastity lock-down and pleasure denial + cum control. Chastity play is hot so Oxballs makes the cool toys for it.

Size/Dimensions and Weight:

Width: 4.25”/ 10.8cm
Height: 4.75”/ 12.07cm
Depth: 1.75”- 3.75”/ 4.45cm - 9.53cm
Main hole circumference: 3.93”/ 9.98cm
Shaft hole Circumference: 3.14”/ 7.98cm
Ball hole circumference: 4.71”/ 11.96cm
Sliding electro posts: 1.5”, 4mm connector hole
Weight:5.44 oz/ 154.22 g

Height: 6.5”/ 16.51cm
Width:7.5”/ 19.05cm
Depth:2.5”/ 6.35cm
Weight: 1.6 oz/ 45.36 g

Material and Care Instructions:

Original design copyright OXBALLS PLUS+SILICONE™ TPR/Silicone blend, non-toxic…and phthalate free. Aircraft grade machined aluminum contact posts. LUBE SAFE: Water-based or silicone. CARE: Wash after use in warm soapy water, air dry. Store toys separately: we recommend breathable cloth pouches or cotton socks.